John Dewey- My Pedagogic Creed


  • Education is the socialization of children
  • School is an active representation of society in a child’s life that eases them into the world.
  • A teacher’s role is to assistant students in properly responding to outside influences and not to impose their own ideas.
  • The strict study of science leaves out the most important factor in education, human activity and socializing.
  • Literature is the expression and interpretation of the social experience.
  • Science should be studied as a way to more effectively regulate past experience and not as new subject matter altogether.
  • The process and goal of education are one in the same.


  • Dewey’s views on merging of the social and psychological elements of education.
  • To make the study of science the focal point of work would be to introduce the principle of radiation rather than one of concentration.


In John Dewey’s My Pedagogic Creed he discusses his views on what education is, what school is, the subject matter of education, the nature of educational method, and the school and social progress. In this creed Dewey makes many profound points that still remain relevant today. He believes that education is the act of socializing students to our society and that education should be viewed as an on-going process instead of a destination. I have reviewed this creed in many education classes and continue to enjoy Dewey’s firm beliefs regarding education. I do stumble across a few unclear areas such as his views on science implementation in the classroom and how social and psychological elements merge to create a well-rounded education. None the less, I remain clear on Dewey’s main points and am able to enjoy completely the high standards for education set forth by John Dewey in 1897.


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