E.D. Hirsch: The Schools We Need

During this module regarding what knoweldge is most important we read E.D. Hirsch’s The School We Need. While reading this selection I learned that American education is amont the least effective education systems in the developed world. There have been many attempts to recreate the same strategies that are in place, instead of revamping the entire education system altogether. Hirsch discusses the many differences conservative and progressive labels by which educational ideas are catagorized. Many parents scoff at the idea of traditional schooling because it brings to mind images of a static religious institution. Hirsch maintains that traditional schooling also means challenging subject matter and knowledge-based education. Another point that Hirsch makes is that traditional instruction imposes the same content on every student without regard to each student’s individual needs. Modern education emphasizes more one-on-one instruction in the classroom. Hirsch maintains that while one-on-one time is important, while a teacher is involved with only one student, it leaves the rest of the class completely alone. By doing more whole group instruction students are engaged in learning for a larger percentage of the time and are ignored less.

These are just a few of the insights on modern American education I learned from the reading by E.D. Hirsch.


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